Cash Discount

Zero Pay Program

Are you interested in saving up to
95% of your processing fees?

As of January 2013 several card industry changes went into effect with regards to the credit card companies’ federal class action litigation settlement. The settlement requires Visa & MasterCard to change some rules for merchants who accept their cards, including allowing merchants to “offer discounts to customers who pay with payment forms less expensive than credit cards.”

What is a cash discount?

A cash discount is a discounted cost of the regular price a merchant charges for goods or services when customers pay by cash. Merchants may charge the full price for customers paying by a credit or debit card.

How much can I charge for regular price?

The regular price must not exceed your cost of acceptance for the credit card (or 4%).

How do I let customers know?

Once enrolled into the cash discount program, we will provide you with signage to be displayed at your business location. We will also provide you with the terminal that displays the full price on the receipt.

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