Here are some common questions about credit card processing.


Do you have a term contract?

Depending on the solution, some have up to a 3yr contract.

If yes, what would happen if the merchant cancelled service for another provider?

Cancellation fee will be assessed, prorated for the remainder of the term.  All will be reviewed on an individual basis.

Does the merchant own or lease the equipment?

Standalones are normally free, point of sales will depend on which solution is requested.

How do you determine how much Credit Card Lady, LLC can save a merchant on processing?

We always request at least 2 recent statements from your current processor.  We send them to various providers for a thorough analysis.  Once we receive the report, we make adjustments based on the needs and best interest of the merchant; then provide an analysis report showing all savings/charges the merchant can expect.

How do you choose the right solution for the merchant?

Upon visiting the merchant to discuss their credit card processing needs, we may advise & offer  them the best solution for their business available, example: standalone terminals (both EMV/NFC), points of sale for salon’s (Hair & Pet Grooming), retail & restaurants, mobile solutions both wireless/wifi, we can reprogram & utilize any existing equipment in use or business management software, and we do discuss the relationship with their existing provider to make sure the merchant does understand any cancellation fees they will incur if any and/or how CCL will assist them with this cost.

Are there any hidden fees?

NO, but besides their regular processing fees, there is a mandatory regulatory fee of $99/yr, plus there is a annual PCI compliance fee.  We will advise the merchant to reply to the PCI questionnaire to avoid having an additional monthly cost until they reply, otherwise depending on the processor there is an annual fee to comply to each year.

Who is responsible for maintenance of the terminals?

The provider of the terminal will provide all maintenance.  Some providers may charge a monthly fee to cover warranty, software updates & licensing.

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