Check Services

Being a wise merchant includes accepting all forms of payment. Even though the use of checks has declined over the years, it is still a major form of payment and should be considered important. At Credit Card Lady, LLC offer several ways to accept checks electronically.

Save a trip to the bank. With our check imagers, you simply scan a check the same way you scan credit cards and the funds are deposited electronically into your account.

With our Check Guarantee feature, you never have to worry about bounced checks. We guarantee payment on every check you process.

Check Services offered by Sage/GETI and CrossCheck

Using a check image reader is easy and secure! It’s similar to swiping a credit card. The check image reader scans a check after you feed the check into the reader. One single pass of the check can read both sides. Funds are electronically deposited into your bank account!

Feel more comfortable accepting checks


  • Reduce costs

  • Minimize risk

  • Get faster access to your money

all by converting paper checks into electronic deposits!

Dare to Compare

Send us your current merchant monthly statement! We will look it over and let you know how much money you can save each month by going with us!

Our Companies

We work with many different payment processors so that we can find the best service for your business! Below is just some of the companies that we are partnered with, and we're adding new ones all the time!